1. Spartacus I : Talons of an Empire
    An enthralling piece of work by first-time novelist Robert Southworth explores the avenue history could have run down if Spartacus had survived the slave rebellion in 73BC, an uprising whose aftermath didn't deliver the remains of the famous slave leader. The brute force of this famous figure of Roman history is relayed, and the events of the period re-imagined to great effect. The work is sure to appeal to fans of Roman history, as well as those enamored by stories of action and adventure. Whilst the figure of Spartacus continues to hold massive appeal for contemporary audiences, this work offers a fresh vision of the Roman era; a dark and brutal reenactment of high gladiatorial drama. Reviews -Spartacus: Talons of an Empire is a fine adventure tale full of derring-do and hand-to-hand combat. Southworth's Spartacus is the man as we would like him to have been: goodhearted, charismatic, tough, loyal to his friends, and deadly to his enemies. He is a man who deserved a better fate than to die by crucifixion. Perhaps, just perhaps, he did survive... Ancient Warfare Magazine Most of us are aware of Spartacus, from the Kirk Douglas film to the Starz TV series. It is a tale of a gladiator slave thrust into the position of commanding an army of rebellious slaves, fighting for their freedom from the hated Roman Empire. The eventual defeat of Spartacus, as the military might of Rome concentrates on his downfall, is where his tale usually ends, but not in Spartacus – Talons of an Empire; this is where the story begins. His army slain or back in chains, Spartacus expects nothing but a slow death by crucifixion, but instead he finds himself before a haughty young Roman called Cassian. Cassian has a proposition for Spartacus, one that he can’t ignore if he wants his family to live. To enforce his point Cassian has a legionary slay Spartacus’ youngest son before his eyes. With no choice but to comply Spartacus accepts Cassian’s offer; he is to use his particular skills as a gladiatorial killer in the service of Cassian’s ruthless employer. It was this same mysterious figure who ordered Cassian to kill Spartacus’ son. Cassian promises the gladiator that his family will be safe on his own estates and then, with a handpicked team, and with promises of gold if successful, Spartacus, Cassian and their comrades embark on their mission. From fighting the Roman Empire Spartacus now finds himself a tool of one of political power brokers, striving to curtail the power of their rivals. To do this Spartacus, Cassian, et al, must fight through corruption and lawlessness only to risk all in a near suicidal gladiatorial contest. Spartacus – Talons of an Empire is certainly action packed, with fights aplenty. The reader experiences victorious triumph and grieving loss. The villains are fantastically corrupt and evil and treachery is an ever present threat. As well as Spartacus, the reader will root for the young warrior Plinius and, surprisingly, Cassian. It soon becomes clear that Cassian is as much a puppet as Spartacus to his employer, a man Spartacus swears revenge upon for the death of his son. Robert Bayliss - Author-
  2. Spartacus II : The Gods Demand Sacrifice
    Crassus, one of the most powerful men in Rome yearns for revenge. Spartacus and friends have taken from him the opportunity for more wealth and influence. He will release his wolf, Flabinus. A man known through out the empire for his relentless and savage pursuit of his prey. Spartacus and his allies have learnt to stand their ground in the arena, now they must learn to run. Reviews -In this, the second volume in the Spartacus series, Rome is controlled by two powerful men, Pompey, the patron and boss of Cassian and Crassus who wants Cassian dead for what transpired in volume one. Thus, Crassus sets his most ruthless killer upon Cassian and anyone who is part of his family or who works for him. What the author does with that as the main story line is provide you, dear reader, with a non-stop, vivid story of action and dramatic turns of events. Flabinius, the hired assassin, has his own army of followers who carry out his every command without hesitation or remorse as Flabinius commands them in an atmosphere of fear. Cassian and his family and those who choose to join him, are forced to flee their homes in hopes of out pacing the relentless pursuit. That is a good plan but their assailant is not easy to shake. What unfolds is an exciting tale of suffering and loss, revenge and retribution against the backdrop of the power politics in Rome. The author has done a splendid job in allowing his characters to grow in this episode and he brings you into the depths of their sufferings and to the heights of their triumphs. The ending is a nice teaser for book three and am looking forward to continuing in this story of Spartacus. 5 stars -hooverbkreview Robert has such a great writing style, that would easily transfer to the big screen, his writing flows, pulling you through each chapter, that leaves you wanting more until the very end. The way he writes each character is also worth mentioning, you feel for everyone, especially the returning cast, and obviously with this type of book, there will be loss, and it will hit your heart strings too, With so many twist and turns, you never feel like you have the measure of the story either, a soon as you think your got an idea of where Robert is taking you with this adventure, he quickly rips the rug from under your feet, and completely hooks you in, I love this book, and I love the first too, and highly recommend this to anyone, and if your already a Spartacus fan and still unsure, I applaud you if you enjoyed the tv show, you'll love this as it could of easily been used as the next seasons, and seriously for the price it's selling for, you would have to such a lifetime to find a better deal, Adrian Starky (amazon review)
  3. Spartacus III : The Pharaoh's Blade
    Empires clash as they hunt for a fabled blade. Spartacus and his friends fight for survival, amidst men who will stop at nothing to hold the legendary weapon. Danger threatens from the shadows, as old and new enemies emerge with violent intent. Spartacus and those he loves will stand together and even the Gods are undecided upon their fate. Reviews - The story starts well with the back story into a legendary dagger, it is quickly shown to us that this dagger is not one you want falling into the hands of the wrong person. so much so Thutmose who currently holds the dagger send it away from his land as he knows the in wrong hands it could caused disaster. Fast forward a bit and now we find ourselves back with our hero Spartacus along with his friends Cassian and Plinius, Our friends are approached while returning from war and thrust it to one last war to secure the peaceful life they wish so much for. Crassus their enemy will do anything to get this dagger and its up to Spartacus to make sure this doesn't happen The book quickly moves from battle to battle, each side incurring loses and we see our hero's deal with this loss I really don't want to give too much away as I think you should read the story for yourself and I hope like myself you won't be disappointed with how the book ends. I knew Rob wouldn't be able to keep this series going forever but I really do think he tied the series up nicely. Rest assured if you've read the pervious two books you will love this.- -the bookblurb- n 68BC Spartacus is asked to help find the dagger that belonged to the Pharaoh Thutmose back in 1484BC. The dagger was given to Thutomse by Hatshupset who ruled Egypt before him. Thutmose won many battles in his fifty year reign and the dagger was thought to be help anyone who owned it to win battles and conquer other lands. Pompey wants the dagger as does Crassus. Adrianicus as an agent of Pompey hires Spartacus and his friends to find the dagger which is supposed to be in the city state of Commagene with King Antiochus. Along the way there are battles to be fought and treacherous and evil people trying to stop them. This book is fast moving and I totally enjoyed it. I have enjoyed all three of his Spartacus books. Most Excellent!!! gpat65 - amazon review-
  4. The Reaper's Breath
    Mary Kelly lies dead upon her bed... Her sorrowful eyes still hold captive, the agony of her fate. Anger, and fear walk side by side as the populace of London demand justice for the slain. Is it a single mad man or is there a bloody political game being played out in the grime filled streets of the old City? The authorities are powerless to stop the bloodletting and call for a new kind of law. William Harkness, former officer of the 66th Regiment of Foot will join the hunt. His task is not to bring an insane killer to court, his hands are not tied by the laws of the day. William Harkness is the killer of killers, the assassin of evil... Reviews William Harkness kisses his lover goodnight, gives her a treasured gift and watches her depart homeward for Miller's Court. Her name is Mary Kelly, remembered by history as the final victim of Jack the Ripper. Five women were slaughtered by an unknown maniac but after the death of poor Mary what happened next? What became of Jack the Ripper? This book, while keeping close enough to the known facts to satisfy those who know the history, proceeds to offer the reader a tantalising 'what if' scenario. What if there was more to the killing than the public knew? What if there had been a catalogue of horror dating back years? What if Scotland Yard had realised that their conventional methods simply would not solve the case? It is here that William Harkness enters the game. Veteran of the 66th Regiment of Foot, he is persuaded, with little difficulty, to take on the mantle of seeking justice for all the victims. His own feelings for Mary Kelly play a significant role in agreeing to this. His job is not to find evidence to convict the killer, it is to know he has found the murderer and then pay him back in his own coin! Robert Southworth takes us on a helter-skelter ride from the blood soaked plains of Afghanistan where his regiment are massacred at the Battle of Maiwand, to the grime, soot and diseased slums of London's East End. As the body count mounts it becomes a race against time to unmask a maniac and send him to a cold, unmarked grave. I have enjoyed Robert's previous books and had high hopes for this. He delivers a heck of a story that leaves me wanting to know what happens next while cringing in horror at the scene within the walls of the Mops. He shows that you can create true horror without the need to describe every splash of blood from a severed throat! Bravo Mr Southworth. I eagerly look forward to the next installment of the Ripper Legacies. S.Laing -Author- review 2 - Finally we have the new book from Robert Southworth. It feels like I’ve been waiting ages.. but let me tell you the wait has been worth it! If you’ve read Rob’s previous series focusing on Spartacus you will know he has a talent for making a story based loosely on history. It’s an interesting style of story and If I’m honest before reading this book I wasn’t 100% sure it would work..the whole ripper event are well documented so I just couldn’t see an story to be told.. but credit to the author, he easily manages to take a little bit of history and give it a twist which shows just how good his imagination is. To be clear for anyone who reads the book.. this isn’t a ripper book as such. It’s based on some of the events and some of the real people are mentioned but this is entirely a book of fiction on which Rob has been able to show his unique style of storytelling. I’ve never read anything like Rob’s book before and I’m so glad I found his work. So.. the story. Well this book follows William Harkness, the classic flawed character which every great book needs. William is approached by Inspector Abberline to help when people turn up murdered.. they think there’s more to these murders than they are willing tell the public… they want him to help catch a killer who has avoided the police for over 15 years! There was some great stand out characters for me, namely Obadiah & Naismith. Obadiah had the aura around him.. like nothing could hurt him.. ever. Naismith.. mysterious Naismith.. he was just an intriguing character from the start. Let’s get down to the honesty I like to bring to all my reviews… The plot itself seems well planned out.. everything made sense, nothing seemed out of place or had me confused. At one point I was 100% sure I had figured everything out..Then the author throws in some spectacular twists and turns that I just didn’t see coming. Emily was an interesting character, to be truthful I would have liked to see more scenes between her and William to see the connection develop but what the author gives us didn’t disappoint me.. The biggest enigma in the book for me was Williams’ dad, Sir Simeon Harkness. You don’t know much about him at first only that he and his son have issues. Throughout the book he develops well and the author finally lets you into the family history that has plagued these two men. In conclusion Rob has brought his unique style to this book, plenty of suspense and twists to keep you gripped and it’s written so well, enough detail to keep your mind activate but not enough to bog you down. Robert Southworth has delivered another brilliant book which showcases his talent and I’m eager for more...-Davidbookblurb Review 3 - Oh my! I was somewhat unsure about reading a book based on Jack the Ripper but I need not have worried for it was superb. Although the author said it was inspired by ‘Jack’, it was definitely its own story. Fast moving, full of well-portrayed characters; all colourful in their various ways. You could ‘see’ the grime of London, the depravation of the ‘lower’ society. Grisly in places but no unnecessary details; just enough to leave the reader in no doubt as to what’s happened. While racing on to try to discover who the culprit or culprits were, I found myself suspecting everyone! This is the first of Robert Southworth’s books I have read and it was compulsive reading with fast action taking the reader on from one situation to the next almost before you can draw breath! I found myself walking around the house, kindle in hand, to snatch a moment of reading whenever I could as I didn’t want to stop. When the end came, I went “Oh” because I didn’t want it to stop there, although it was a good ending; I hope there will be a sequel. Thoroughly recommended. -amazon review-
  5. Wrath of the Furies
    The new magistrate of Justitia has a difficult task before him. Rome is a bed of deceit and murder and with the Emperor travelling the empire, it falls to him to keep order. However, with a highly skilled assassin slaughtering members of Rome's elite and a mysterious organisation plotting to take power in the Emperor's absence, the magistrate will face constant danger. Magistrate Lucius Magro Decius must learn the ways of Rome with all haste or find himself bleeding in the dirt. Reviews - I brought this as i was a fan of R Southworth's previous work (seriously if you haven't read them already. Go do it, you won't be disappointed!) And to read something that takes a differant approach to the classical Rome genre is both refreshing and an amazing read, constantly suprised and gripped at what comes next. I highly recommend this book to anyone who has an interest in rome, historical fiction or crime dramas (amazon)